Tele-Semana Webinars are seminars conducted over the World Wide Web. Tele-Semana Webinars are educational and designed to be interactive between the presenter and audience. Our webinars are free for those interested in participating as attendees. To become a participant in a Tele-Semana Webinar, live or on-demand, you only need to register for the webinar of your interest. Prior to the event all registrants will receive an e-mail reminder for the webinar.

With Tele-Semana Webinars, cost and complexity are no longer barriers to creating powerful rich media communications that will resonate with your audience and be remembered after the event is finished.

Tele-Semana Webinars will reach prospects in your business segment through interesting, informative and easy-to-access multimedia presentations. Prospects can access them live or on-demand. From product-launch events to educational sessions, Tele-Semana Webinars help you communicate, coordinate, and collaborate with existing and future clients.

A simple easy-to-use interface
1. Tele-semana Webinars’s logo
2. Your Company’s Logo
3. Advertising, banner or any additional information about your company
4. Supported by a Power Point presentation controlled by the speaker himself
5. Users can, at any time, download the presentation to their computers
6. Interactive presentations. During the live webinar users can ask questions live
7. Speaker’s biography, position and picture
8. Live audio. On-demand users can rewind or forward

Studies have shown that people will retain 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 50% of what they both see and hear. That's why Tele-Medios, the founder of the weekly electronic newsletter Tele-Semana and the weekly radio show Radio Tele-Semana, has started offering webinars for its clientele.

Tele-Semana Webinars allow companies to:
  • Leverage Tele-Semana's network of subscribers and its reputation for providing intelligent, lively and innovative content
  • Generate sales leads and boost revenue
  • Lower costs by identifying prospects before you commit to expensive trips or other marketing strategies
  • Accelerate time to market by reaching a wide audience effectively and quickly
  • Raise awareness about your business while directing how your company and business are presented
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