What is Radio Tele-semana?
Radio Tele-Semana is the region's first telecoms radio talk show to be aired live over the Internet. Radio Tele-Semana's weekly one-hour shows include up-to-the-moment technology news, interviews with industry experts, appearances by wireless and wireline operators and lots more. Every Friday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. U.S. Eastern Standard Time, Tele-Medios' President Rafael A. Junquera dissects the week's events in the telecommunications industry with the help of top personalities.

Why listen to Radio Tele-Semana?
Radio Tele-Semana is an open forum where industry professionals can communicate with each other about the latest trends and developments. Radio over the Internet is one of the most exciting opportunities available for communication among members of a community.

Now listeners can hear about the latest trends from those persons making them happen - a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the latest developments in the industry. In addition, listeners can call in and interact live with participants at the event.

What are the benefits to sponsors?
Radio Tele-Semana is a highly targeted niche medium that covers the specific needs of a specific audience: Latin American telecommunications professionals. Sponsors get their message across to their target audience (B2B), generating desired leads.

Radio has always been a powerful tool for communicating a message. Over the Internet this medium becomes even more powerful because it allows immediate response to an advertisement. No longer do people have to wait to check on a product or service. Listeners can react immediately, since their computer allows them to listen to the show while visiting the sponsor's website, as well as contacting them even before the live show is over. Also, our programs are archived on the website, allowing for a sponsor's message to be heard long after it originally aired.

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Rafael A. Junquera, Tele-Medios Founder and Editorial Director Editorial Dierctor of Tele is President and founder of Tele-Medios, possess an analytical mind that leverages on his multicultural background, knowledge of developing markets, and economic principles to make him one of the most incisive journalists covering Latin America’s telecommunications industry.

He has traveled extensively around the world covering industry events in the Americas, Europe and Asia. His academic experience include a BA in journalism and a MA in International Economics (ABD) from Boston-based Suffolk University. Mr. Junquera professional experience includes being Editor in Chief of two industry leading publications: ITP’s Frecuencia Magazine and Penwell’s Potencia Magazine. He launched Tele-Semana in 2003 and since then has been regularly consulted by regional media on his views on the latest developments of Latin America’s telecommunications industry.

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